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Raven’s Bread (formerly Marabou) derives its name from the experience of Elijah, the prophet in 1Kgs. 17: 1-6. Ravens, sent by God, nourished him during his months of solitude at the Wadi Cherith (the Cutting Place).

Raven’s Bread is a quarterly newsletter (FEB-MAY-AUG-NOV) for hermits and those attracted to solitude published by Paul and Karen Fredette. It seeks to affirm and support this way of life, providing information, reflections, news and notices offered by the hermit readers themselves.

At this site we offer a free but abbreviated version of our full printed newsletter, omitting the Discussion and Reader Forum featuring responses to a quarterly discussion topic, and Letters from the readers.

Preview the February 2018 Newsletter

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Archived sample issues of Raven’s Bread date back to July 1997 and are offered for your information and encouragement.

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We ask an annual donation from those who can afford it of $10.00USD in the States and $12.00USD for those outside the country. Any extra gifts (see Donate button below) will be used to subsidize Raven’s Bread for hermits who cannot cover the cost. If you have benefited from the free online service of our website and would like to support our ministry to hermits and religious solitaries around the world, please consider a love-gift. Let us pray for one another!

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